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Pfaff 1197 Service manual in English Download PDF-file

Pfaff 1197 Service manual in English Download PDF-file

Language: English
PDF-File size: 30.1MB
Delivery: Internet Download

Download time: depend on Internet speed in your area

We will send you "Download Link" to your Email-Address
Sewing machine/s images if displayed as patterns only, and are not part of the sale

All pages and graphics are readable / printable on your computer,
you can read the entire manual or individual page as often as necessary read/print

Please keep in mind that due to lighting effects, the monitor's brightness
and contrast settings, the color of the products could be some slight different
between our photos and the actual item you receive.

We appreciate your understanding

Ask your questions before you buy, if you have any
We aim for 100% customer satisfaction
**due to the small business rules this sale is VAT Free**

***No CD, DVD or Booklet included in this offer, ***

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Art.-Nr.Pfaff 1197 Service manual in English Download PDF-filePreisMenge
lieferbar in 2 Tagen nach Zahlungseingang98000622 downloadEURO-€ 5,90
inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten
lieferbar in 2 Tagen nach Zahlungseingang
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